EDC’s newsletter is published twice each year and provides an engaging overview of our current efforts to protect the health and resources of California’s south central coast. You will also find news regarding exciting upcoming events, opportunities for public involvement, and highlights of our current campaigns.

2018 – Spring

  • New Onshore Oil Projects
  • Trump’s New Offshore Oil Plan
  • Puente Power Plant
  • Sea Otters: Free at Last
  • Paredon Be Gone
  • Preserving Ag in SB County
  • Gaviota Coast Plan
  • No Trucking Way
  • BROKE: The Documentary

2017 – Fall

  • *Special 40th Anniversary Insert*
  • Trumping the Administration
  • Puente Power Plant
  • Oil Trains Be Gone
  • Plains Pipeline Plans
  • Non-profit of the Year
  • Changing Horizons: Venoco Update
  • More Onshore Oil Projects
  • Win for Ag Land – Rancho La Laguna

2017 – Spring

  • EDC’s 40th Anniversary
  • Cyclic Steam Injection
  • Sea Otters – Coming Home
  • Black Snakes – Phillips 66
  • South Mountain Oil Field
  • Protecting Ag Land 
  • Twitchell: More Dam Problems
  • Platform Holly Coming Down
  • Refugio Oil Spill 2nd Anniv
  • EDC Legacy Society Launched


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