• OIL 101: Moving Beyond Platforms, Pipelines and Pollution in Santa Barbara

  • PetroRock Withdraws Application for Dangerous Oil Proposal

  • Your Support Makes a Big Difference to EDC

  • Aera Energy's Dangerous Oil Proposal in Cat Canyon

  • Stand With Us

  • EDC Webinar: Three Dirty & Risky Cat Canyon Oil Projects

  • EDC Forum: How to Protect Our Coast from New Offshore Oil Drilling

  • Now More Than Ever

  • Our Living Legacy - Environmental Defense Center

  • Refugio Oil Spill Anniversary Press Conference - One Year Later

  • One Year After the Refugio Oil Spill

  • EDC's Top Ten Accomplishments in 2015

  • There Is A Place I Environmental Defense Center

  • Environmental Defense Center - Our Founding

  • EDC 30 Second Promo Video

  • Gaviota Agriculture: Three Stories

  • The Future of Our Ocean is in Our Hands - Ocean Acidification PSA

  • 2nd Annual Ride on the Wild Side

  • Preserving Agricultural Land in Lompoc

  • Saving Paradise

  • TGIF May 13 Come Join Us

  • Annual Auction 2010

  • TGIF Series

  • Oil Forum Part 1: Gulf Oil Disaster: How Can we Protect Santa Barbara's Future?

  • Oil Forum Part 2: Gulf Oil Disaster: How Can we Protect Santa Barbara's Future?

  • Tranquillon Ridge Oil Agreement_ 5MINUTEversion.mov

  • 5MINUTE_iPhone.m4v

  • 2MIN Enforceability

  • Linda Krop Discusses the Tranquillon Ridge Oil Agreement

  • Shutting Down Offshore Oil

  • Converting to Clean Fuels.

  • EDC30Sec_WHALE_720x480.mov

  • Human & Environmental Health 720x480

  • Coast & Ocean 720x480

  • Environmental Defense Center 30 Second Promo

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