You May Be Surprised to Know Your Gift Was Anonymous

Supporting your favorite nonprofits by donating through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), stock gift, or a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from an IRA is a great way to support your favorite causes while also achieving tax savings. But did you know that many times, these gifts are received by the nonprofit without any donor information? Having your contact information included with your gift is important because it allows us to properly thank you and acknowledge your generous gift and allows us to keep you updated on our work.

Thanking donors for their generosity is very important to us at the Environmental Defense Center. We are so grateful for every gift we receive, and we want to make sure you know how much of an impact your gift has made on our work protecting the climate and environment of the south central coast. If you have made a gift to EDC over the last year through a DAF, stock gift, or QCD, and did not receive an acknowledgment letter or phone call from us thanking you for your generosity, please let us know. Most likely, your gift was received without any donor information.

In addition to donations made through a DAF, stock, and QCD, we often receive bequest gifts anonymously. This happens when EDC is included in your will or estate plan but the planned gift is not communicated to EDC by the executor. If you have included EDC in your planned giving, will you please let us know? Knowing about these gifts not only gives us a chance to say thank you, but they make an enormous difference in helping secure the future of EDC’s work protecting our climate and local environment for future generations. EDC’s Legacy Society recognizes those generous individuals who have made a commitment of a planned gift to ensure EDC remains strong well into the future. Members are invited to an exclusive event each year in recognition of their generous contribution.

If you have given to EDC through a DAF, stock gift, or QCD and have not received a gift acknowledgement from us, or would like more information on these types of gifts, please reach out to our Development Director, Jessica Dias. Additionally, if you have included a gift to EDC in your will or estate plan and have not already, please let us know? We would love to include you in our Legacy Society.

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