Watershed Preservation and Restoration

  • Goal: To safeguard our coast’s clean water and wildlife habitats by preserving and restoring creeks, rivers, wetlands and the lands that surround them
  • Year Started: 1983
  • Partner: Watershed Alliance of South Coast Organizations

Our region’s creeks and rivers represent ecological lifelines for humans and wildlife, connecting our mountains, forests, and coastline. A critical part of EDC’s work protecting wildlife and human health is safeguarding and restoring our watersheds, which are the essential link between our terrestrial and marine ecosystems.

Healthy watersheds are critical to provide habitat for fish and wildlife, and clean water for our local communities. Working closely with landowners and local and state agencies, EDC serves as a community resource and watchdog, helping ensure that our creeks flow free and clean. Whether we are responding to clearing of habitat critical for wildlife such as the tidewater goby or the red-legged frog, or to unauthorized water diversions causing the stream to go dry, or partnering on extraordinary projects such as the Mission Creek Steelhead Recovery project, EDC stands strong as the voice for these ecological resources.

“EDC leads the way on creek protection and restoration in Goleta, spearheading efforts to cleanup, preserve and rehabilitate neighborhood streams”

– Paula Perotte, Goleta Mayor

EDC also represents and partners with other organizations to ensure that agencies protect and improve water quality and wildlife habitat in our region’s watersheds.

2022 marked EDC’s 10th annual creek cleanup season and we broke records with number of volunteers as well as quantity of trash removed. We conducted six creek clean-ups throughout the Goleta Valley, removing trash that threatens local wildlife and pollutes our clean streams and ocean waters. We had 164 volunteers join us and more than 10,000 pounds of trash were removed from a number of creeks in the Goleta Watershed.

Upcoming Creek Cleanups – JOIN US!

  • October 21- Glen Annie Creek, 9AM, Del Norte Dr and Glen Annie Rd     
    EDC & City of Goleta
  • November 4, San Pedro Creek, 9AM, Covington Footbridge
    EDC & City of Goleta
  • December 2, Devereux Creek, 9AM, Phelps Rd and Canon Green Dr
     EDC, City of Goleta, & Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
  • December 16, Maria Ygnacio Creek, 9AM, Ribera Drive and Matorral Way
    EDC, City of Goleta, & Santa Barbara County Project Clean Water

Please RSVP to Brian at by email or phone at 805-963-1622 ext. 108


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