Earth Month: Aveda and EDC Partner for Clean Water

EM16Logo_BlackEarth Month 2016 at Aveda signifies 10 years of raising $38M for clean water, locally and abroad. What an incredible feat that has positively impacted lives in ways we may never know. It begs the question: What would have happened – to people, families, animals, ecosystems – if those efforts weren’t made?

Marci, owner of Salon Marceline in Santa Barbara, is going above and beyond! She has planted milkweed to provide more habitat for monarchs and will be selling the plants with proceeds benefiting EDC.

Earth Month at Aveda encompasses the brand’s mission to be environmentally responsible and to give back. Through the sale of limited edition “Light the Way” candles, we raise money for a global non-profit, which uses 100% of the proceeds to fund clean water projects around the world. Additionally, every region chooses a local non-profit environmental organization to raise money for. It is both an honor and a pleasure to have the Environmental Defense Center as our local partner for the second year. Through events and activities from fashion shows to raffle baskets and bake sales, Aveda salons help fundraise for the EDC and in doing so, give back to their community. It’s an exciting win-win-win for the salons, the community, and EDC!

Water is such a precious resource and my hope is that we are all consciously grateful of it every day. Our current drought has required us all to reduce, reuse or recycle water and as one of our basic necessities, we are reminded just how precious it is. Despite the drought, we are so fortunate here in California to enjoy all sorts of water activities along our coast, yet we face the risk of not being able to do these things should our waters get contaminated, as was the case with last year’s Refugio Oil Spill. On behalf of the salons I support and Aveda, we are so grateful to support EDC who responded to that oil spill with critical public information and advocacy, and with legislative successes on oil spill prevention and response. I am also so grateful to the salon teams who take time out of their busy lives to support this great cause!

EarthDay2016As the Salon Development Partner for Aveda Salons and Spas in Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties, I really wanted to know that the funds we raise during April (Earth Month) were going to benefit these counties and keep our local ecosystems beautiful. After learning about EDC, it made perfect sense to me to choose them as our local partner. I see EDC as a small and mighty team that not only accomplishes critical environmental work in the tri-county area, but who also influence environmental policy across the country, and that is something I’m so proud to be a part of. I have always been passionate about both beauty and the environment and what an honor to live this passion through my work. I aspire to do a lot of scuba diving and knowing that EDC continues to work on securing Marine Protected Areas warms my soul. I am also a lover of dolphins and whales, and when I learned that EDC was protecting endangered whales from fatal ship strikes, while simultaneously improving our air quality, my heart simply filled with admiration, love and joy!

I hope you join me and the Aveda salon teams in our efforts to keep the south central coast of California beautiful! Keep an eye out when visiting your local Aveda salon for fundraising efforts and join the fun in keeping our water clean! Thank you!

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