Aveda Earth Month

Aveda first selected the Environmental Defense Center as a recipient organization of its Earth Month campaign for San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties in 2015.

Earth Month at Aveda encompasses the brand’s mission to be environmentally responsible and to give back. Aveda salons help fundraise for EDC and in doing so, give back to their community. It’s an exciting win-win-win for the salons, the community, and EDC!

Aveda’s support helps EDC and the non-profit, community-based organizations we represent every day, to fight and resist new threats to our precious local environment through education, advocacy, and legal action.

EDC is honored to have been selected to partner with Aveda during their Earth Month campaign. With their commitment to “care for the world we live in” and our diligence as a legal voice for the public interest, together, we will protect clean water and preserve the natural
beauty of California’s South Central Coast.

To support this campaign, visit your local Aveda salon or donate today:


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