EDC Statement on Today’s Crimson Oil Spill in Ventura

June 23, 2016, 12:06 PM

“After visiting the Crimson pipeline oil spill site in Ventura near Prince Barranca Valley/Hall Canyon this morning, the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) is closely monitoring the spill and the response efforts, as a fast response is critically important to protect our communities and environment. Although the pipeline spill was a couple miles inland right in town, there was fear the crude could reach the beach at Ventura State Beach between Pierpont and the Promenade. Fortunately, this has been avoided. So far estimates for the size of this spill have been all over the map. It is important to remember that with last year’s Plains All American Oil Spill at Refugio Beach, the initial industry estimates were orders of magnitude below reality.  But we are still very early in understanding the scope of this spill and the challenges that yet another major oil spill will deliver to our region. Regardless of the size, any amount of spilled oil is inexcusable and destructive.

Since last year’s spill, EDC has spent much of the last year investigating the status of the major pipelines in Ventura County, finally resorting to filing a lawsuit against federal agencies for their failure to release needed information. It is clear that Ventura County is crisscrossed with aging pipeline infrastructure and as has been repeatedly demonstrated with the oil industry and accidents, it is never a question of if, but when.

It is distressing to once again see this kind of devastation visited upon a sensitive location.  EDC will continue monitoring this spill as part of our mission to protect and enhance our local environment.”

Brian Segee
Senior Attorney
[email protected]

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