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There is one reason why the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) is so effective: you.

Since 1977, EDC has worked in the public interest, serving as your attorney to stand up for our climate, our clean water and healthy air, and to protect the open space and the plants and animals that share the Central Coast with us. Throughout the years, it has been your support that has made that possible.

As a law firm, EDC only represents fellow nonprofit organizations, and we certainly couldn’t do any of this without their expertise, activism, and even financial support. But most of the funds that EDC needs month after month, and year after year, come from this incredible community — from gifts large and small, from our neighbors, our friends, our supporters.  EDC is a nonprofit organization, but more than that, we are a team.  Everyone who attends our events or joins us for a hearing, every person who provides financial support or volunteers their time is part of this team.  And we are so grateful. It is your support that allowed us to play a meaningful role in recently defeating the three Cat Canyon oil projects, just as you make it possible for us to help lead the conversation about generating safe and responsible renewable energy off our coast.

Now, in this season of giving, when so many are considering how to support the charities that they trust and value, we want to share some of the many different ways that you might consider further supporting EDC’s work.

Sustaining Membership
Sustaining donors are incredibly important to EDC’s long-term health because they provide an automatic, recurring gift. A monthly donation of any amount provides EDC with steady, reliable funding that ensures we can remain strong to protect our communities, our health, and our environment for years to come. Click here to sign up.

Donating Appreciated Stock
Donating appreciated stock is a great way to help EDC, realize some tax savings by claiming a charitable deduction in the amount of the stock’s fair market value, and by avoiding the capital gains you would have to pay if you sold the stock.  This is a very simple process, and we would be very happy to walk you through this. Let us know if we can help.

Donating from Your IRA
If you are over the age of 70 ½, you may be able to give up to $100,000 per year to charitable organizations from your IRA instead of taking your required minimum distribution. This could mean you can realize some significant tax benefits while you help support EDC’s work this year.  If you would like more information on this, we would love to talk with you.

Planned Giving
A planned gift is a pledge or contribution that is made today, for the future. By adding EDC to your will or trust, it is possible you could provide EDC with an even bigger contribution than you may be able to from your current income. Many types of planned gifts also provide tax benefits to donors during their lifetime and they continue your legacy to our precious environment. Let us know if you would like any information about how to get started.

Making A One-Time Gift
You can help EDC right now with a gift of any size. This has been a difficult year for most nonprofit organizations, and that includes EDC. It is donations like yours that ensure we can maintain our world-class staff, support this community, and continue to protect what really matters. Click here to make a donation today.

No matter how you are able to support EDC’s work, please know how much we appreciate you. EDC is proud to serve the communities of the South-Central Coast and all those who depend upon our abundant, if fragile, natural environment. Everyone on EDC’s staff and board thanks you for being a part of this team and wishes you a very happy holiday season.

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