Camp 4

  • Goal: Preserve the majority of the Camp 4 property as open space
  • Year Started: 2010
  • Client: Santa Ynez Valley Alliance

The Santa Ynez Valley Alliance (SYVA) hired EDC in response to the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians’ proposal to transfer the 1,400-acre agriculturally zoned Camp 4 property from private fee ownership into trust status. If the property is transferred into trust it will no longer be in the Santa Barbara County’s jurisdiction and thus the County’s general plan and zoning ordinance will no longer govern future uses and development. In addition, this transfer would exempt any future development proposals on the property from many environmental protection laws.

The Band purchased the property in 2010, and has proposed development of 143 new homes for tribal members, a tribal community center and related facilities, and a vineyard scattered throughout the 1,400 acres. SYVA’s goal is to preserve the rural character of the Santa Ynez Valley and to help preserve the majority of Camp 4 as open space, while providing the opportunity for development of housing for the Band. The group hired EDC to evaluate the environmental resources on the Camp 4 site and to provide comments to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) on the significant potential impacts to these resources. In addition to the notable scenic and agricultural value of the property, it also contains important habitats including oak woodlands, wetlands, and wildlife migration corridors, EDC will continue to work with SYVA to ensure the BIA fully analyzes the negative impacts the development would have on these sensitive resources.

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