Measure P

Santa Barbara County Anti-Fracking Initiative

  • Goal: Prohibit future fracking, acidizing, and cyclic steam injection in Santa Barbara County
  • Year Started: 2014
  • Client: Santa Barbara County Water Guardians

Measure P was a 2014 ballot initiative designed to ban future “high intensity” oil extraction practices in Santa Barbara County. A group of local activists, the Santa Barbara County Water Guardians, qualified the initiative for the ballot in response to the rapid expansion of oil production from cyclic steam injection and the looming threat of both fracking and acidizing which are taking place in Ventura County, from oil platforms off the coast, and elsewhere into the Monterey shale rock formation that lies below the south central coast.

EDC endorsed Measure P once it qualified for the ballot. We shared concerns that these high intensity oil extraction efforts can waste enormous quantities of fresh water, threaten aquifers and clean air, and emit enormous quantities of climate disrupting greenhouse gases. EDC also represented the Water Guardians in defense of the measure throughout the campaign and County review process.

The oil industry spent in excess of six million dollars to defeat Measure P at the ballot.


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