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Goleta Creek Flows Free Again: Water Diversion Had Depleted Creek’s Flows and Harmed Wildlife
San Antonio Creek located in the mountains behind Goleta is a paradise for wildlife. However, a creek water diversion dam funneled water from the stream, often leaving the creek dry and barren. The diversion, which was not permitted, was removed recently as part of a cooperative effort between the landowner, the Environmental Defense Center and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW). San Antonio Creek supports Threatened red-legged frogs, California newts, two-striped garter snakes, western pond turtles and Endangered Steelhead trout, all of which now benefit from a flowing creek.


Famous Aussie Surfer Brings Awareness to EDC’s Whale Work
Check out this video to see our very own Kristi Birney as she got a rare chance to join famous surfer and waterman Dave Rastovich on stage to talk about EDC’s efforts to protect whales in the Santa Barbara Channel.  Starting out along the Gaviota coast the TransparentSea Voyage crew is now paddling and sailing down California into Mexico-- along the way stopping to engage communities and highlighting local key coastal and marine issues.    

ban_the_bag CINMS Advisory Council Supports Efforts to Ban Plastic Bags
Representatives on the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Council, including the tourism, business, recreation, recreational fishing, education, research, and conservation seats all voted unanimously to support a resolution encouraging local, statewide, and federal legislation to ban the use and distribution of single-use plastic bags. It is well documented that single-use plastic bags can be mistaken as food by marine mammals, seabirds, turtles and other wildlife resulting in: choking, infections, entanglement, and sometime mortality. The resolution also supports efforts by local business to transition away from single-use plastic bags and efforts to remove plastic bags litter from the Sanctuary. The full Resolution can be viewed here .
platform CA Coast Protected From Oil Barging
Environmental groups celebrated following final approval of a pipeline project that will replace oil barging off the coast of Santa Barbara County. For the first time in California history, all oil produced in the State will be transported by onshore pipeline rather than by tankers or barges, reducing risk of oil spills and air pollution. Venoco will no longer be allowed to barge its oil to refineries in the SF Bay and LA areas. MORE>>

Dam it!
Everyone agrees that the nearly 200-foot Matilija Dam on the Ventura River is obsolete, but removing a dam of this magnitude does raise some challenges – like how to manage all of the sediments that have built up behind the Dam since it was built. EDC is working with the Matilija Coalition to make sure this project stays on track because removing the Dam will provide access for steelhead to currently inaccessible prime habitat, and restoring the River’s flow of sand from its headwaters to the ocean will replenish our severely diminished beaches. Click here to learn more about the Matilija Dam Ecosystem Restoration Project.


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