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Carp Creek Naples Coast Farm

EDC works to protect and enhance the local environment. Since 1977, EDC has vigorously and successfully pursued this mission throughout San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties, from the region’s plains, mountains and watersheds to its vital farmlands and diverse communities, to its offshore islands and the open ocean seaward of its coastline.
Our work is organized within the following three interconnected program areas. You can also visit our Current Cases page to learn about the projects and initiatives EDC is working on today.

In addition, because global climate change threatens all aspects of our local environment, EDC also maintains a dedicated programmatic focus on this profound and cross-cutting issue. Learn more at our Climate Change page.

These interconnected aspects of our natural environment provide us with beauty and clean water, solace and fresh air, habitat for wildlife and an abundance of healthy food. Collectively, they comprise that which is extraordinarily good about our lives here, embodying both a wealth of important natural resources and services, and inestimable intrinsic value. EDC carries out its campaigns and cases in defense of these values, to promote the long term conservation of our local environment.

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