Human and Environmental Health

Organic, local farms supports healthy communities and healthy ecosystems.
Photo by Kristi Curtis.

What does a healthy environment mean to you?

To EDC it means freedom from toxins in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. It means towns, schools, creeks and beaches safe from the risks of pesticides and hazardous pollution.  And to EDC, the freedom and safety of environmental health are rights that must be shared equitably by everyone, in all of our communities.

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EDC’s Human and Environmental Health program relies on our traditional advocacy and legal action, as well as innovative community-based approaches to realize these ideals.  EDC’s work to advance environmental health has reduced toxic pesticide use in parks, farms and schools.  At the same time, EDC fosters sustainable agriculture practices and supports local food production by building collaborative partnerships with farmers and other agriculture stakeholders, and increasing public awareness of the importance of local farms.

EDC also enforces clean water and clean air laws, preventing harmful and illegal discharges that often disproportionately impact the poor and people of color. 

In a time of growing uncertainty about the effects global climate change, and increasingly scarce resources, healthy communities and a healthy environment are pillars of long term sustainability.  EDC continues to advance both, so we can all enjoy the benefits they provide.

Learn more about our work to protect Human and Environmental Health at our Current Cases page.

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