Coast and Ocean

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At EDC, protecting the local environment means defending our coast and ocean—from pollution, destructive development and resource extraction, and global climate change.

The Pacific Ocean defines the character of Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties.  The ocean’s beauty, productivity and elemental power touch our lives every day, from our tempered Mediterranean climate to the array of coastal activities we enjoy, from its visceral, untrammeled splendor and profusion of wildlife, to the economic engine it provides to our tri-county communities.

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We depend on the ocean, and when it is degraded— by oil spills, pollution, overfishing, unsuitable development, or other human-caused harms— our communities are also degraded.

Since EDC’s founding, protecting our region’s extraordinary marine environment has been a fundamental priority.  Located at the confluence of two major ocean currents, and encompassing the northern Channel Islands, the ocean waters seaward of our shores harbor a global hotspot of biodiversity, including 195 species of birds, 41 species of marine mammals, nearly 500 species of fish, and innumerable plants and invertebrates.

EDC works to protect and restore these marine ecosystems, both to ensure that the needs of today are met without sacrificing those of future generations, and in recognition of their intrinsic value.  We actively counter emerging threats to our coast and ocean, such as offshore oil and gas development, and coastal development that restricts public access and adversely impacts biodiversity.  Simultaneously, EDC works to advance proactive conservation initiatives on issues like offshore aquaculture and ocean acidification, so that the public and key decision makers are informed and prepared for these challenges. 

The ocean provides immeasurable value to our communities and quality of life.  EDC works to preserve that value, and ensure that it is equitably shared by all.

Learn more about our work to protect the Coast and Ocean at our Current Cases page.

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