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• Protecting Blue Whales & Blue Skies
A coalition of government and non-profit groups, including EDC, announced positive results from a 2014 vessel speed reduction trial incentive program in the Santa Barbara Channel to slow cargo ships down to reduce air pollution and increase protection of endangered whales. More>>
• EDC Sues Federal Government on Offshore Acidizing & Fracking
EDC filed a lawsuit on December 3rd, challenging the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement’s failure to provide for public or environmental review prior to approving 51 oil drilling permits authorizing the use of acid well stimulation (“acidizing”) and hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) from offshore oil platforms located in the Santa Barbara Channel. MORE>>
• Check Out EDC's Top Ten Accomplishments in 2014
It is important to take a step back every year and reflect on all the victories and progress that has been made toward keeping our communities healthy and beautiful places to live. Please take a look, and thank YOU for helping us accomplish this critical work. MORE>>
• EDC, Channelkeeper Settle Clean Water Case w/ Ojai Quarry
On Aug 5, EDC & our clients at SBCK announced the settlement of our lawsuit against the Ojai Quarry, alleging that operations resulted in polluted run-off that threatened water quality as well as the ability of steelhead to migrate upstream as a necessary part of their life cycle. Under our agreement the Quarry owners have committed to a number of facility improvements to better manage stormwater and protect endangered steelead. MORE>>
Remember Venoco's Carpinteria project? Three years after 70% of voters said NO to the company's oil and gas scheme with Measure J, Venoco is back again proposing to slant drill with a 175-foot rig next to City Hall, the Carpinteria Bluffs preserve, Arbol Verde neighborhood and the harbor seal sanctuary. MORE>>


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