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• Big Oil, Half Truths: Measure P Letter to Editor by Owen Bailey
"We, the residents of Santa Barbara County, cannot allow Chevron, Venoco and other major oil companies to buy a dishonest victory at the expense of our health, safety and future. Measure P will protect our clean water and only prohibit the three most dangerous, high-intensity extraction techniques that we simply cannot afford in our County." MORE>>
• EDC Urges Preservation of Dwindling Local Urban Ag in Goleta Valley - New Report Released
EDC's report “Urban Agriculture in the Goleta Valley,” profiles some of the few remaining productive urban farms in the Goleta Valley, many of which are being threatened by potentially being rezoned and developed as part of the Eastern Goleta Valley Community Plan Update (Plan). Located within Santa Barbara County, Goleta Valley’s urban agriculture not only provides critical benefits to human health and well-being and the environment, but also contributes to the County’s $3 billion agriculture industry. MORE>>
• Slowing Ships for Cleaner Air & Whale Protection
EDC and our partners at the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary and the SB Air Pollution Control District are excited to announce the launch of a new trial incentive program in the SB Channel to slow down cargo ships to reduce air pollution and increase protection of endangered whales. Six global shipping companies will participate in this speed reduction trial program. MORE>>
• EDC, Channelkeeper Settle Clean Water Case w/ Ojai Quarry
On Aug 5, EDC & our clients at SBCK announced the settlement of our lawsuit against the Ojai Quarry, alleging that operations resulted in polluted run-off that threatened water quality as well as the ability of steelhead to migrate upstream as a necessary part of their life cycle. Under our agreement the Quarry owners have committed to a number of facility improvements to better manage stormwater and protect endangered steelead. MORE>>
Remember Venoco's Carpinteria project? Three years after 70% of voters said NO to the company's oil and gas scheme with Measure J, Venoco is back again proposing to slant drill with a 175-foot rig next to City Hall, the Carpinteria Bluffs preserve, Arbol Verde neighborhood and the harbor seal sanctuary. MORE>>


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