Putting Your Donation to Work

More Mesa, Santa Barbara County. Photo by Jessie Altstat.

Why should you support EDC?

Since 1977, EDC has been at the forefront of protecting the local environment— the natural resources, open spaces and ecosystems that make Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties so special.  As a non-profit, public interest organization, we depend on the support of donations large and small to carry out our mission of environmental protection and restoration. 

For more than 38 years EDC has harnessed that public support to achieve victory after victory for the public, through education, advocacy, and legal action.  For example, EDC has:

  • Significantly reduced pesticides in our public parks and schools through implementation of integrated pest management
  • Helped preserve open space gems like Ellwood Mesa, the Douglas Family Preserve, Hearst Ranch, Ormond Beach Wetlands, and the Carpinteria Bluffs
  • Stopped offshore oil and liquefied natural gas development near the Channel Islands
  • Protected local endangered species and their habitats, including the California tiger salamander and the steelhead trout

Financial Snapshot

With a lean, efficient staff and minimal overhead costs, EDC carries out this hard work every day, thanks to your support.  Our annual budget of approximately $1 million is built on donations large and small from individuals, responsible businesses, and allied groups.  Foundation grants and case income— attorney fees paid by our non-profit clients, or ordered by courts as awards for successful legal action— also comprise a significant portion of our revenue.  Although we do expect our clients to bear a share of the cost of the legal representation we provide, such fees usually cover less than 10% of our total costs.

EDC does not accept any government funding, nor voluntary contributions (as opposed to court-ordered awards or settlements) from entities that earn their income from practices or activities we oppose or that run counter to our mission. 

EDC offices are based in an historic adobe building in downtown Santa Barbara, which we own.  Our financial results are reviewed monthly by the Finance Committee of our Board of Directors, which also serves as our Audit Committee, and reported to the full Board at their monthly meeting.  EDC’s finances are audited annually by a local CPA.

Put your donation to work for the local environment.  Make a contribution or set up a recurring donation through our secure website today, or learn about more ways to give.

View EDC's 501(c)(3), 2012 990, and our privacy policy.

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