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TEll sacramento to close oil & gas Loophole in marine protected area


We need your help!

Will you take one minute to sign this petition urging our legislators to close an oil and gas drilling loophole and protect a Marine Protected Area just off our coast near Vandenberg Air Force Base?

In 1994, the California Coastal Sanctuary Act was passed, banning any new offshore oil and gas leases in State waters as a means to protect our marine environment and reduce the risk of oil spills. However, this Act contained an exception that would allow a new state lease if the oil and gas field is already being drained by wells within adjacent federal waters. The only place in the state of California subject to this exception is Tranquillon Ridge, an oil field located within a coastal sanctuary and designated as a Marine Protected Area.

Tranquillon Ridge has long been sought after by oil developers including the recent proposal by Sunset/Exxon to drill from Vandenberg Air Force Base. We need your help today to pass Senate Bill 1096, authored by California Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and sponsored by the Environmental Defense Center, to close this loophole and protect our marine environment.

The establishment of the Vandenberg State Marine Protected Reserve in 2007 created the strongest possible protections to the area’s unique marine life habitats, biodiversity, and opportunities for recreation and education. In 2003 a National Park Service report identified the 215,000 acres along the Gaviota coast, including Vandenberg land, as one of only five locations in the world in terms of climate and vegetation and marine diversity. Over two dozen threatened and endangered plants and animals were identified.

Help us protect our coastal resources. Sign the petition today and let your voice be heard.
Thanks for your support!

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